Monday, October 23, 2017

Books on my Office Desk:1st Edition: Digital Preservation for Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Here goes the first in what (may) be an ongoing series.....

Books on my office desk! 

You know those few volumes you keep in your office or work space? Not more than an arms length reach away, perhaps? Or maybe they're on a bookshelf in your office? 

For me, I'm a 'new' working professional in my field (Information Science) and even though I just finished my schooling I found myself faced with the task of combing through millions of PDF course reader material....or finding a book that provided me with the basic standards and practices of materials, organized amazingly and with an extensive bibliography, reference page, and glossary at the back. GOLD, baby, GOLD! 

So here's the first in what may become more.... books on my office desk. This is more of an Archival, Information professionals editions...but I'm definitely open to having more 'editions' and broadening it up to other fields! 

Friday, September 01, 2017

Non-Fiction Review: Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by
Author: Chris Voss
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Publication: kindle ebook loaned and recommended by friend

This was a good book. I thought it would be like pulling teeth to read due to the subject matter but the way its written is actually quite thoughtful and he really uses the time in the introduction to get me hooked.

I'd recommend reading the entire introduction, then looking carefully over the table of contents and starting in the beginning, but don't feel bad shuffling around the book in non-chronological order!

So it's definitely the type of book you don't really sit and read from cover to cover. But I like that, and I know that's pretty typical from non-fiction (my best friend is a non-fiction book lover fiend) He tells me that is the way it is. I believe him, who am I to judge anyway? Sounds fun and like something different. Can't wait to read more non-fiction actually! It ain't that bad.

Check out more info about it on Goodreads

-- again apologies for the state of the blog - we still have some minor changes to fix! If anyone can help me that would be great. Get in touch w/me via email and we'll chat :) 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Diamond’s Dreamy Reading Spaces

Reading, reading, reading. For us booklovers, we are used to bringing books (or our phones loaded with books) everywhere we go. However, there’s quite a special charm to have a special reading spot … a special place where you can curl up with a book and some tea and snacks. For hours on end, it’s great to just check in one spot (basically it’s also insurance that your bum is comfy) and a throw blanket nearby and you’re basically describing heaven. 
So, what would my heaven be? Oh, it’s the most fun to think about. I think that’s part of the reason it took me so long to compose this post, (besides the fact that we were having major design and technical difficulties alll last week).
I found quite a few dreamy reading space ideas on Pinterest. I’m going to share my two favorite spots, although i would tweak them a bit (of course) to fit my personality.

Dream Reading Spaces 

image found via Pinterest
Okay I really like this one! The main two reasons are because of all the natural light (plus I have those exact same curtains :)

I also really love that style of reading chair — what is it called? I can’t recall the name but I like it because I can’t sit in a chair with my legs hanging down like that and be comfortable for hours on end (unless we have a good ottoman to go along with it). Still I feel like this is the best position for reading..and I like the throw and the pillows. Those would definitely be in my dream reading space.
Not a fan of the side table or the tray that is on the floor? My cat would be all over that and yeah not a good idea… also the color of the rug is gross I would change it to a primary color shag rug. I’m sure my kitty would be comfortable on that while I read she can lay in the sun and sleep!

click on image to be taken to pin

Here’s another space I really like. I love the slanted ceiling, and of course that chair …. perfect! I love the little pillows and this rug is much much better. 

I would probably change the lighting though. I really love moroccan style hanging lights. Or, some of the old lamps that I bought in Bosnia last summer would work great here! I know it’s not really practical to fly across the world for some beautiful hanging lamps…but I did find some really cool ones from Arhaus. They have tons of unique lighting fixtures that could shed some beautiful and unique light in your reading room.

This was so much fun. If you’re curious about my other reading spaces check out the full board. I am definitely inspired to create a reading space in my home. I have a corner (next to a window, too) that is just begging for that transformation. I’ll definitely keep the blog posted :)

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Please Excuse Our Mess!

Please excuse the mess that is the blog right now! 

Photobucket just changed their policy so all the images that my designer used on her photo bucket are now not available to us. 

Please excuse the mess while we sort this out with the designer! 

And thank you for following despite the troubles. We promise to be back online soon! 


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